vin inspections


A VIN Inspection is used to verify the identity of a vehicle by confirming that vehicle's VIN number. VIN= vehicle identification number.   The vehicle must be physically inspected. 

The Vehicle Inspector will record technical information & vehicle identifiers including:  


*Odometer Reading

*Engine Number 

                        *Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 

                        *Model Year 

                        *Federal Certification Label Status                                                      

The vehicle must be operational and in satisfactory working condition with all of the equipment required by state and federal law. The Vehicle Inspector will check mechanical parts to make sure the vehicle is street legal. 

  These parts include but are not limited to:                    *Vehicle Operation 

                  *Body Condition  

             *Head, Tail, & Brake Lights             *Windshield & Defrost System                    *Steering System

             *Foot & Emergency Brakes                                                                         These are just a few of the things the Vehicle Inspector will check. For the complete list of vehicle requirements or for more information refer to the Verification of Vehicle Form (Form 811) available on the State of Alaska DMV website at: or call us @ 907.602.6582.


There are several reasons why a vehicle might need to have a vin inspection. A few of the most common being that the vehicle is a Home-Built Trailer or that the vehicle needs an Assigned VIN Number. Possibly the vehicle has been in an accident and deemed Junk, Salvage, or Total Loss by a car insurance company. After all the road worthy repairs have been made it's now a Reconstructed Vehicle. Additionally, Forfeited Vehicles or vehicles titled by Surety Bond and all vehicles purchased from an Impound Sale; or as the result of a Mechanics Lien and/or a Storage Lien. Vehicles arriving through Customs, and other Imported & Foreign Vehicles. 

Primarily, VIN Inspections help to aid in the prevention of vehicle theft and fraud. The Administrative reasons for a vin inspection include but are not limited to Correcting DMV Records, or when there is a Lack of Titling Documents, and per the DMV Requirement. 

   (Extra Cost for Off-Site Vin Inspections)

                One-Way Trip Permits  

One-Way Trip Permits are available to allow you to bring your (unregistered) vehicle to our office for the inspection.                              $15.00